Male’ Fitness Club

Welcome to Male’ Fitness Club, and thank you for being here.

     Male’ Fitness Club was begun as a culmination of a goal I set for myself as a youth from a natural curiosity for an activity that would improve life just a little bit more every single day.

      I began exercising back in Majeediyya School, and joined the school’s junior gymnastic squad in my teens.  Back then for most of us it was all about getting fitter, stronger, eating right, and enjoying life.

      I am forever indebted to the Maldivian state and thereby the Maldivian people for the opportunity from 1978 to 1983 of keeping that focus while completing a B.Ed degree in Physical Education at the University of Tasmania, following a government scholarship to Australia. I also followed up with higher studies in Physical Education from 2004 to 2005 at the University of Waikato in New Zealand.


     Male’ Fitness Club commenced as a health and fitness improving enterprise in 1989 and evolved into a small corporate activity from 2003. Presently, as of March 2013, we are a vibrant fitness club catering to a regular and rotating membership, with 1300sq ft gym area for 30 members at a time. Fitness trainers give personal attention to members in a homely gym with modern treadmills, state of the art stationary horizontal and upright equipment, racks and weights area.


     We are also glad to help get you fit and in shape while still doing all of the things you love such as guiding you in eating right and in your way to other sports, with exercise at its core because exercise also leads to overall well-being and happiness..


     Today, our members are getting fitter through our club, as we always hope to wake up every day a little healthier (than yesterday) – eat a little better, get a little stronger, work a little more tirelessly, and feel a little better about themselves.

      Praise be to Allah

Hamid Abdul Ghafoor


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